Bamboo Flooring For Your Eco-friendly Commercial Remodeling

Atlanta Bamboo FlooringWhen you're planning to replace the flooring in your commercial remodeling project, you'll have many options that are durable and beautiful as well as friendly to the environment, with bamboo coming in as a top runner for today's commercial flooring options.

Bamboo flooring has been long underestimated by consumers, but is fast making it's mark as one of the favored flooring types for remodeling your commercial property because of it's eco-friendly status.

No matter what business will be operating within your commercial building, bamboo not only looks great but also stands up to a great deal or wear and tear. As one of the newest and most popular trend, you'll want to consider it for your building, whether you're building to suit, doing a build-out for tenants or remodeling for your own business.

Many people believe bamboo to be a type of wood, but it's really a type of grass. It is a much stronger option actually, when compared to hardwoods. Plus, because it's a grass and easily renewable, it's extremely eco-friendly.

Resistant Elements Of Bamboo

Bamboo options in flooring give you several choices in hardness levels, so be sure to ask your Atlanta general contractor to make sure you're connecting with the right type for commercial applications. It is extremely tolerant of changing weather conditions because it does not expand and contract during changes from cold to hot.

Since most building materials will react to temperature, they wear down quicker because this reaction puts a lot of stress on it. If hardwood dries out and then reacts to moisture or cold, it could easily start cracking and degrading. But with bamboo, the lack of movement and it's high resistance to moisture means the material lasts.

Water and stain resistance is important for flooring in commercial buildings. Needless to say, bamboo will stand up to anything you can throw at it as long as you take care of it properly. Even wine and other staining liquids won't absorb as long as it's cleaned up soon. Keep your bamboo flooring polished and you'll see how easy it is to keep clean and stain free.

Hardwood flooring on the other hand will degenerate when it's exposed to large amounts of water, but bamboo does not. It's so much easier to clean and better at resisting water damages. You'll not find the material getting dark stains as you would when hardwood is exposed to water or other liquids like urine from pets.

How Bamboo Is Manufactured For Flooring

When bamboo is manufactured, it's treated with less chemicals because of it's natural properties. It's resistant to insects and termites, mold and mildew, moisture and water floods, and wear and tear. When made for flooring, bamboo is sliced into strips which are next de-starched by boiling.

The strips are then glued into boards and later go through milling. UF, or Urea-Formaldehyde is a special treatment that is used for hardwood, but much less is used in bamboo. You can also purchase bamboo that's not treated with UF at all.

Available in both light and dark, the natural color of bamboo is both beautiful and elegant, making it suitable for any decor from simple country to mountain lodge to sophisticated modern. So no matter the decorative style you're going for in your commercial building, bamboo will win the show every time.

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