Commercial Painting Tips For Atlanta

Commercial Painting Atlanta, GAWith so many choices in types of paint and colors out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed when you need to make decisions for a commercial painting project. Questions run through your head... What type of paint do I need? What colors will look good? How much paint will I need? How long will it take? What will it cost?

As professional Atlanta commercial painting contractors, our pros at KC Paint & Construction would like to help you out. Here are a few tips about commercial painting that we hope will help you make the right choices.

Paint Types for Your Atlanta Business

Latex-based paints are used for most interior paint jobs. Latex paints come in a variety of colors, and you can clean up using water. Flat or low-gloss finishes work best for rooms that get a minimal amount of wear, and they are not generally recommended for anything but executive offices.

Consider a glossier finish for rooms that get more use (breakrooms, bathrooms, common rooms). A paint that has a glossier finish can take more wear and tear and more cleaning.

More durable finishes also work best for floorboards and trims as a contrast to flat wall paint, and because trim often gets the most hand prints and dirty smudges.

For bathrooms and other areas that get the most humidity and traffic, use an oil-based paint. The toughest oil-based paint has a high-gloss enamel finish that has a hard plastic finish for extreme conditions. If you want less shine, there are other very durable paints and coatings you can use.

Paint Usage

On average, a gallon of paint will cover 400 square feet in one coat. This will vary depending on the surface quality, the color of paint, the wall or ceiling texture involved, and how thick you apply it.

Professionals will apply exactly as much paint as needed; do-it-yourselfers often will use more paint than necessary. Paint will cover a room best in two thin coats instead of one thick coat, and the gallon will go further too.

Interior Wall Surfaces

There is a variety of wall surfaces. Textured drywall is one of the most common finishes found in modern remodels. It will have a textured finish that looks like bumps or ripples. Smooth drywall is another finish found in modern commercial buildings that looks very smooth, almost like glass.

Plaster is an interior wall finish found in many older commercial buildings made of a putty-like mixture that is trawled onto a lath. The lath may be wooden strips (in pre-1930s construction), gypsum lath (wallboard) or metal (in commercial buildings).

The painted finished surface looks just like a finished drywall in a modern building, but plaster is harder and more brittle.

Preparing for the Painters

A few days before the painters begin work, take some time to remove all items that could get in their way. Move furniture away from the walls and cover with drop cloths. If the corners and baseboards are dirty, vacuum and clean them. The painter will most likely cover the floor and tape all areas that need to be protected. Some will move and cover everything for you. Be sure to ask so you know what to expect.

Be sure you show the painters where you want them to have access to water, so he or she can clean their brushes and tools or make sure they clean them elsewhere. You don't want Atlanta painters who clean their tools where paint can get in the plumbing drains or all over your building.

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